March Meat Madness

A vegetarian’s journey into March Meat Madness

Some time in February I became aware that my fortieth birthday approaches fast (100 days out), I decided to try and use it as some kind of motivation to get back in shape. I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, and I find my body usually responds pretty well to a bit of a dietary shake up. […]

carnivore diet day one meal one

Day 1: Rediscovery

And so it begins! I’ll try and make a journal-style format I can keep to throughout the month for comparison. That way I can track progress, and keep an eye on things. Meal One: – 1 x 250g T-bone steak – 1 x pork sausage – 1 x egg (700mg) Meal Two: – Roast Pork […]

Carnivore Diet March Meat Madness

Day 2: Chicken Love Reignited

End of day two, and I’ve just been reunited with one of my life’s greatest loves – chicken! I feel so happy to rediscover it’s delicious chickeny flavour, and yet so guilty for ignoring it for so long. Oh the shame. I’m sure it will forgive me by the end of the month, when I’ve […]

Day 3: Glorious Gristle

Well… that was another tough night. Went to bed at the end of Q&A, so I must have been well and truly under the sheets by 22:30. Lay there for some time with my heart beating out of my chest, my thoughts racing, and absolutely no chance of sleeping. So I got up, drank some […]

Day 4: Livering on the Edge

Last night was interesting. I did some work on my computer after dinner, and plonked myself on the couch around 21:00. Seemingly all of a sudden, my foot pain returned, as did some aching in my hips. Nowhere near as bad as it was previously, but it was quite striking as I hadn’t done anything […]

Day 5: Persisting with Liver

Not much of note overnight – a good night’s sleep eventually, and a very effective screaming alarm clock at 05:30 to get my day started. Still chugging water, berocca, and black coffee for breakfast which seems to work just fine. Foot pain was back last night, so not sure what to think of that. Nowhere […]

Day 6: Fancy Flesh Feast

It was quite a lengthy fast period over night, with my last meal at 17:00, and my first calories at 13:00 (20 hour fasting window). I also had work last night (singing and conducting) so I burned a bit more evening energy than normal. No issues at all with energy, and didn’t feel super starving […]

Day 7: Meating Out

Today’s lunch was my first time eating out since I started to carnivore diet. Had a BBQ at a friend’s place, so I stocked up on what I thought would work a treat: beef sausages, chicken sausages, beef patties. I’m a touch pissed off though – the beef patties were labelled 100% angus beef patties, […]

Week One Summary

So… we’ve come to the end of week one. I thought a bit of a summary was in order. Firstly, the tally of what I ate this week: – 5 x T-Bone steaks (250g) – 6 x Porterhouse (Sirloin) steaks (250g) – 10 x beef sausages (100g) – 3 x pork sausages (100g) – 3 […]

Day 8: Went Missing Somehow!

Just realised that this one got skipped somehow! Luckily Google is pretty good at time tagging photos, so I haven’t missed out on anything other than weighing. Meal One: – 5 scrambled eggs (with lots of butter) – 100g smoked salmon Meal Two: – 2 porterhouse steaks – 2 fried eggs     Weight: ?? […]

Day 9: Conquering the Liver

Today’s meal times were a bit tough to find as we were on the road back to Colac, and working around a one-year-old’s sleep schedule. By 14:00 when we arrived I was pretty hangry, so I detoured into town to become acquainted with one of my favourite meals of yesteryear: charcoal chicken! I grabbed: one […]

Day 10: Lambing Up

I had a sick little bubba to deal with today. She had a fever all night so there was not much sleep to be had, and she was quite needy throughout the day. Managed to do lamb shoulder two ways around the chaos – one bone in, over roasted slowly for 3 & 1/2 hours. […]

Day 11: Old McDonald had a Meal

I went for variety today! Beef, lamb, pork, chicken… tried to mix the plate up with as many different flavours as possible. As a result I definitely over-ate, but I think I’ll survive. I was musing today… I think the last nine days I’ve been pretty chuffed that I’ve managed to keep such a strict […]

Day 12: Past the 1/3 Mark

Another good day energy-wise. I was doing some research about fasting last night, and came across a good podcast with Dr Rhonda Patrick talking about studies of intermittent fasting in mice. It’s an old episode of Joe Rogan that I’d listened to some time ago, but it was good to get some renewed perspective. In […]

Day 13: Flesh Fatigue

Nothing much to report. Still stuffing my face with meat twice a day. Like most things in life the novelty has well and truly worn off and I’m just going through the motions. Cooking three different dinners (and the ensuing washing up) every night is pretty rough, as is having to watch at least two […]

Day 14: T-t-t-two W-w-w-eeeeeks

Meal One: – 1 porterhouse steak – 2 beef sausages – 2 pork spare ribs Meal Two: –  beef sausages – 1 pork sausage – 1 chicken thigh fillet – 100g beef mince – 50g beef liver – 1 fried egg     Weight: 89.4 Body Fat: 23.9

Day 15: Catching Up

Meal One: – 1 porterhouse steak * Out and about – restaurant was happy to charge me $26 for nothing but a steak on a plate. Ouch! * Meal Two: – 250g beef mince – 1 beef sausages – 1 chicken thigh fillet – 1 fried egg – 50g beef liver Weight: 88.4 Body Fat: […]

Day 16: Headaches

Meal One: – 250g beef mince – 50g beef liver – 2 pork spare ribs – 1 chicken thigh fillet – 1 middle bacon rasher Meal Two: – 1 T-bone steak (You can get a good look of how rare I like to cook my steak in this shot!) – 1 middle bacon rasher – […]

Day 17: Salad Please!

Playing catch up a bit, as I’ve had a guest staying, and the schedule hasn’t allowed my normal record keeping. I’ve managed to stick strictly to the diet, though it is becoming quite testing. Not because of any cravings or anything – it just feels like maybe the honeymoon is over! I’ve had some really […]

Day 18: Headaches Continue

Headaches have become the norm lately – throbbing, brain pulsing, back of the head and in the temples. Sleep without paracetamol is just not an option, and now I’m noticing the headaches continue into the morning. I’m back onto taking my multivitamin first thing, and I’m going to ease back into morning coffees as well […]

Day 19: Meeeeeeeat

Meal One: – 1 600g rump steak – 3 eggs – 80g smoked salmon Meal Two: – 300g rump steak – 2 fried eggs – 1 middle bacon rasher     Weight: Unknown Body Fat: Unknown

Day 20: Getting in a rhythm

Meal One: – 1 350g rump steak – 2 fried eggs – 1 middle bacon rasher Meal Two: – 1 t-bone steak – 2 fried eggs – 1 middle bacon rasher     Weight: Unknown Body Fat: Unknown

Day 21: Stuffing on the Go

Forgot to take a picture of lunch, but it was a busy day so I’m not surprised. I had to pick up a fridge in the morning, and get to the Yarra Valley for a wedding in the afternoon, then back to Melbourne for another meeting in the evening. Managed to scoff flesh in the […]

Day 22: More of the Same

I’m getting into a bit of a rhythm. I no longer really feel like anything except steak (beef only), eggs and bacon. My standard meal now is exactly that – 1 middle bacon rasher, 2 eggs, steak. If I have a huge steak, I cut back an egg or some bacon. The rump is doing […]

Day 23: Are we there yet?

Cravings for anything other than beef is all but gone. I’m well and truly in a rinse-and-repeat rhythm currently, and while I would think I’d be dying to bust out and get some variety, it’s not at all what my body wants. It just wants the same ol staples – steak, eggs, bacon. Ah well, […]

Day 24: Carnivore in the days of the Apocalypse

What a weird time in human history! Victoria is now in shutdown phase 2. We’re confined to our houses, and all activities that would normally bring people together are cancelled until further notice. I’m assuming for a couple of months at least. Supermarkets and essential services remain open, so there’s no scarcity. It would be […]

Day 25: Magnesium to the Rescue

This was about day five with no significant action going on in terms of the bathroom. It’s staggering how much food I can scoff without anything coming out, whilst still steadily losing weight. Very puzzling indeed. After dinner I decided to take some advice I read online and take some extra magnesium supplement (on top […]

Day 26: Iron Man

Meal One: – 1 rump steak – 2 fried eggs – 2 pork spare ribs Meal Two: – 1 rump steak – 2 fried eggs – 1 middle bacon rasher     Weight: 87.6 Body Fat: 23.1

Day 27: Back in Melbourne

Meal One: – 1 rump steak – 1 middle bacon rasher – 2 fried eggs * NO IMAGE * Meal Two: – 1 BIG rump steak (650g) – 2 fried eggs Weight: TBC Body Fat: TBC

Day 28: On the Road

Had to tinker with my fasting schedule today, as I had to go to work. I was the celebrant for a four-person pandemic wedding at midday, which is a really strange, but beautifully sweet thing to be at. I made everyone bring their own pens for signing, and stayed a good couple of metres away […]

Day 29: Salad in Sight

My darling wife cooked some pork skins today – three large sheets of it. So, for the first time in ages I snacked in between meals. Actually, I snacked until I felt quite ill and sweaty! Not a great feeling after feeling really in control for the last 28 days, but hey, you just gotta […]