It was quite a lengthy fast period over night, with my last meal at 17:00, and my first calories at 13:00 (20 hour fasting window). I also had work last night (singing and conducting) so I burned a bit more evening energy than normal. No issues at all with energy, and didn’t feel super starving or anything come lunch time. Mind you I had two long black coffees and a tonne of water which no doubt helped.

Digestion feels like it’s reached an equilibrium. Number twos twice in two days, normal consistency (Bristol 5ish), quantity about half of what I used to call normal. The body obviously processes protein and fat far more efficiently than fibre. *POOP UPDATE*… Well it’s not up the date at all any more so that’s hardly an appropriate term, but I must not forget to mention the rather explosive post-lunch Bristol soup I expelled shortly after I bragged about my “equilibrium”! Not so balanced after all…

I’m back in Melbourne for a few days, so I popped into Cannings to grab some meat. I frequently pass their shop and love the look of their meat, but haven’t been able to taste their wares for the last 18 months! They only have free range, grass fed and finished steak that is ethically sourced (and quite expensive as a result), so it’s helping me feel a bit better about the wider consequences of my experiment. I grabbed a couple of porterhouse steaks that made for a delicious lunch (yeah I ate them both!)

Meal One:
– 2 porterhouse steaks
– 2 eggs

Meal Two:
– 1 T-Bone Steak
– 2 chicken thigh fillets
– 1 middle bacon rasher
– 1 egg


Still feeling light and healthy. The 4pm energy crash is becoming something I fear each day. It’s too late for coffee, and without a sugary hit of something it’s hard to get that energy to snap me out of it. Given the fasting hasn’t been a problem at all, I’m considering shifting my fasting window so I eat at say, 1pm and 5pm with a 20 hour fast in between. It seems a little extreme, but i’m getting plenty of calories, my energy is great, and it’s just that little 4pm gap that hits me like a tonne of bricks. I also bought some of my favourite biltong (South African beef jerky) yesterday, but I’m bummed to find out they use sugar (3.4%). It’s probably not going to kill me, but I’ll wait until I see the experiment out before I chew on its delicious gristle.