I had a sick little bubba to deal with today. She had a fever all night so there was not much sleep to be had, and she was quite needy throughout the day. Managed to do lamb shoulder two ways around the chaos – one bone in, over roasted slowly for 3 & 1/2 hours. The other de-boned and slow cooked for four hours, then pressure cooked in all the juices because it still wasn’t particularly tender. Both were delicious! Great to have some 500g lamb bags in the freezer I can just defrost, chuck in a frypan and crisp up. Yum!

Worked out the whole liver to the point where it was actually a delicious addition. Finely chopped the liver and a middle bacon rasher, and mixed it with the beef mince. Made a giant burger patty and fried it in butter. Added an fried egg on top. Delicious. And not just that… with a reliable fat content, and the lowest price amongst all the meat, beef mince (with liver) has just floated to the top of my regular meal list. It’s really hard to stuff up a burger patty, and the frugality of it all really appeals to (especially after spending so much on premium meats of late.)

Meal One:
– 250g beef mince
– 50g beef liver
– 1 middle bacon rasher
– 1 fried egg

Meal Two:
– 500g slow roasted lamb shoulder
– 1 beef sausage
– 1 pork sausage


Weight: 88.5
Body Fat: 23.5%