This was about day five with no significant action going on in terms of the bathroom. It’s staggering how much food I can scoff without anything coming out, whilst still steadily losing weight. Very puzzling indeed. After dinner I decided to take some advice I read online and take some extra magnesium supplement (on top of what’s in the multi-vitamin I take it the morning). I took two tablets with my two litres of water after dinner, and finally had some success. I’ve never tried it, but I see ads around for charcoal toothpaste – jet black, meant to whiten your teeth. * On a side note, isn’t funny how there’s this new wave of black beauty products marketed at men (’cause, you know, it must be manly if it’s black!).* Anyway, when I imagine someone finishing brushing their teeth and spitting the charcoal and saliva mix into the sink… that’s what going number two is like. You know, for anyone who’s desperate to know. Maybe the magnesium helped, maybe the stars aligned, maybe it was just my time. But it’s got me feeling pretty good about not having to go so often…

Meal One:
– 1 small rump steak (~200g)
– 1 medium atlantic salmon fillet
– 300g pulled lamb

Meal Two:
– 1 rump steak
– 2 fried eggs
– 1 middle bacon rasher

Weight: 87.8
Body Fat: 23.0