I went for variety today! Beef, lamb, pork, chicken… tried to mix the plate up with as many different flavours as possible. As a result I definitely over-ate, but I think I’ll survive.

I was musing today… I think the last nine days I’ve been pretty chuffed that I’ve managed to keep such a strict regime whilst caring for a toddler. The chaos of it all made me pretty impressed with myself. Then I realised, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was a stay-at-home Dad, there’s no way I’d have been able to do it. It’s the very thing that enables me to cook and eat as I do. I’m still impressed with myself (it’s a good way to live your life, I highly recommend it), but maybe some of the sheen has come off!

Meal One:
– 300g pulled lamb
– 1 rump steak
– 1 pork spare rib

Meal Two:
– 300g pulled lamb
– 1 rump steak
– 1 middle bacon rasher
– 1 pork sausage
– 1 fried egg
** Forgot to take a picture of this – remembered half way through **


Weight: 88.2
Body Fat: 23.3%

Some time after dinner I went to the bathroom, and my urine has started to smell like I’ve eaten asparagus. I’m assuming this is ketosis – I tried to do a pee stick to check it out, but after about ten minutes of holding my soiled stick and fossicking through the instruction manual, I realised that the sticks we have don’t actually measure that. I’ve also noticed my lips getting a bit drier than usual (sort of like the residue you get after eating kangaroo tail), and there’s a mild metallic flavour of some kind in my mouth. These symptoms don’t seem too uncommon for people going through ketosis, and it signals the start of proper fat usage, so bring it on!