Playing catch up a bit, as I’ve had a guest staying, and the schedule hasn’t allowed my normal record keeping.

I’ve managed to stick strictly to the diet, though it is becoming quite testing. Not because of any cravings or anything – it just feels like maybe the honeymoon is over! I’ve had some really bad headaches at night that have caused me to lose sleep, and have had to resort to taking paracetamol to sleep most nights. It kinda feels like amyl nitrate headaches (without the butt sex) for anyone who understands that! Hot, flushed head and face, throbbing through my temples, and my heartbeat feels like it’s beating ten times stronger in my head. It’s really hard to switch it off, especially when I lay down. I’ve added extra fat to my diet wherever possible, and added extra butter to my afternoon bulletproof coffee. I’ve put back the multi-vitamins, and even added an effervescent electrolyte tablet one night when I couldn’t sleep. I’m beginning to feel like this may be a permanent fixture of the diet. I’ll stick it out, but it’s not very enjoyable! Weight loss has slowed to almost nothing (after putting on a kilo for a couple of days), and I have no other significant improvements to report.

Other than that, I’ve had a lot of back, foot, and hip pain lately. It hasn’t slowed me down much, but it certainly is a bother! I stocked up at the butcher again on Saturday, and I’m feeling pretty lucky I did. It’s madness in the supermarkets with the COVID-19 fears about the place, and a lot of shelves are empty. I don’t think the supply chains are stuffed yet, but it appears there are people driving all the way from Melbourne (2 hours) to get groceries here! I bought another carnivore butcher’s box, so I’ll be stocked to the end of the month no trouble. Most importantly, I’ve got some more of those delicious T-Bones again. Yum!

Meal One:
– 1 porterhouse steak
– 3 scrambled eggs
– 80g smoked salmon
– heaps of butter!

Meal Two:
– 1 porterhouse steak
– 1 atlantic salmon fillet
– 1 fried egg
– 1 middle bacon rasher


Weight: 88.1kg
Body Fat: 23.2%