Headaches have become the norm lately – throbbing, brain pulsing, back of the head and in the temples. Sleep without paracetamol is just not an option, and now I’m noticing the headaches continue into the morning. I’m back onto taking my multivitamin first thing, and I’m going to ease back into morning coffees as well (without any fat) just to see if it helps.

What a time to be alive! It feels like the veil of our democracy has been lifted, and behind the curtain is a whole lot of ugly selfishness. People are raiding supermarket shelves like it’s going out of fashion, leaving nothing for the elderly, needy, or disabled who can’t join the shit-fight. The thing that surprises me most is the shit everyone seems to eat. All the frozen, pre-packaged, canned, preserved rubbish is gone, while pretty much everything I usually buy is available everywhere. Meat it scarce, though all it takes is one phone or internet order and you can get what you want. There is no issue with the supply chain, so it doesn’t make sense why everyone is panic buying like this. Fresh fruit and vegetables are in good supply and don’t seem to be running out anywhere. Eggs, cheese, milk… it seems if you’re willing to actually cook a healthy nutritious meal there’s no problem at all. Unless of course you want to wipe your arse in which case you’ll be in trouble! I would have thought self isolation would mean everyone has more time to cook, but apparently re-heating a frozen pizza is the best they can muster.

Rant over – there’s enough negativity around currently, and I’ve got another twelve days of flesh scoffing to get through before things normalise a bit for me. Unless something drastic occurs in the next week, I’ll be starting to add some non-meat items to my menu very promptly. I’m thinking to add cheese, avocado, coconut oil, and some greens back in. Mainly so I can have some extra fat in there to burn, and so I can once again shit regularly. I can;t remember the last satisfying trip to the toilet I had, and frankly it doesn’t seem healthy. I’ve upped my fat, supplemented everything I could be lacking (potassium, magnesium, electrolytes) but still my digestion has apparently stopped, and my head feels awful.

Meal One:
– 1 650g rump steak

Meal Two:
– 400g roast pork belly
– 2 fried eggs


Weight: 88.1
Body Fat: 23.2

On a positive note, I finally got around the defrosting some rump steak, and it’s delicious! Some parts of it are almost liver-like – really rich in deep meat flavour. I’ve been putting the rump off as if it is peasant steak to avoid, but I’m really digging it. The batch I have at the moment is cut into massive (600-650g) chunks, that pretty much fill a frypan on their own. Really looking forward to lunch 🙂