Not much of note overnight – a good night’s sleep eventually, and a very effective screaming alarm clock at 05:30 to get my day started. Still chugging water, berocca, and black coffee for breakfast which seems to work just fine. Foot pain was back last night, so not sure what to think of that. Nowhere near as bad as it was a week ago, but present never-the-less. I’m starting to have more and more weird vivid dreams. Probably more to do with earlier nights and no alcohol than the diet I imagine, but worth noting.

Got onto a couple of Carnivore Diet Facebook groups yesterday, and now my feed is chock full of carni-squabbles and judgemental nonsense. The bullying and vitriol is second only to the Collingwood Football Club pages. I’m starting to wonder whether increased testosterone is a good thing at all – doesn’t seem to be a very compassionate of supportive community as an outsider. I’ve also started to ponder the devastating effect on the globe of the movement. Just imagine if 7 billion people needed a kilo or more of meat every day. The kind of farming that would be involved to facilitate it would be truly disgusting, and the effect on the environment would be irreparable. It’s a very selfish, affluent, privileged diet to embark on, and I can’t imagine wanting to stick with it longer than a month for that reason. Still, I’ve committed myself to the cause, spent the money, butchered the beats, and I’m going to see it through.

Meal One:
– 1 T-bone steak
– 1 middle bacon rasher
– 2 eggs
– 100g beef liver

I went for more liver today than yesterday. I figured I’m going to have to learn to love it if I’m going to get through the mammoth lumps in the freezer, so I hit it head on. This time I sliced it much thinner (as thin as I could – probably 5 or 6mm), marinated it overnight in milk, seasoned it well and cooked it in the oil, butter and fat from my steak and bacon. I ate it all at the start of lunch so I didn’t have anything nice to compare it to, and just stuffed it down as quick as I could. Ten times better than last night, and very promising for my nutrition needs.

*UPDATE* Actually, the liver was vile. It took two hours until I didn’t feel queasy, and whereas I’d usually just burp and stop the bloating feeling, I couldn’t stand the taste of the burps so I just suffered through it. I’m going to reduce the dose to about 50g from now on. Went down ok, but keeping it down took serious focus.

Meal Two:
– T-bone steak
– 1 middle bacon rasher
– 1 egg
– 1 chicken thigh fillet


Weight: 88.6kg (This was taken on different scales so the calibration could be different. I like these scales heaps better!)
Body Fat: Unknown

Thoughts: Still recovering from the awful liver experience at lunch. Even my urine stinks of manky piss-paté, and it is constantly repeating on me. Had another energy crash right around 16:00 again. It seems to be the pattern. Not being able to grab a piece of fruit or some nuts (which was previously my go to) is really noticeable in the late afternoon I find. Due to work commitments, and a need to get Kora down before I leave, I made my own dinner just after 17:00. It’ll be interesting to see how I go lasting until midday tomorrow. No pain anywhere currently, and guts are feeling good again. Must get some biltong so I’ve got a proteiny snack to keep me going.