Today’s meal times were a bit tough to find as we were on the road back to Colac, and working around a one-year-old’s sleep schedule. By 14:00 when we arrived I was pretty hangry, so I detoured into town to become acquainted with one of my favourite meals of yesteryear: charcoal chicken! I grabbed: one whole charcoal chicken. And then I scoffed it. Turns out without the skin (removed because the rub is full of sugar), the stuffing (carbs), the hot chips with chicken salt or the side salad, the chicken itself is not so interesting. Still… the bit of leg meat that was still moist was very tasty.

I also tackled liver head on again. This time I went with a new tact: I mixed about 75g liver (milk marinated, finely chopped) with around 200g minced beef, some fresh garlic (in hindsight this was not a good idea given its vegetable nature), and lots of salt and pepper. Then I cooked it with some pork spare ribs, and put a fried egg on top. The liver taste was still present, but FAR more palatable. Next time I’m going to dice up some bacon or speck and mix it all together. I’m on the right track – no regurgitating impulses, no need to block nose or rush the meal at all. Woo!

Meal One:
– 1 large charcoal chicken, no skin (minus a leg and thigh for my wife)
– 30g packaged pork rind snacks
– 1 small espresso coffee with a dessert spoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of butter

Meal Two:
– 2 pork spare ribs
– 75g beef liver
– 200g minced beef
– 1 fried egg


Weight: 88.7kg
Body Fat: Not sure – didn’t check