Today’s lunch was my first time eating out since I started to carnivore diet. Had a BBQ at a friend’s place, so I stocked up on what I thought would work a treat: beef sausages, chicken sausages, beef patties. I’m a touch pissed off though – the beef patties were labelled 100% angus beef patties, but when I cooked them they clearly contained carrot, and they were quite sweet so I’m assuming a few other non-animal products as well. Pretty disappointed by their labelling. The sausages that were labelled “pure beef” and “pure chicken” were a bit suspect too – loaded with salt, and had a bit of sweetness to them as well. Just goes to show you need to be quite careful with your shopping.

Snacked on some biltong and some pork rinds in between sausages, but the biltong was 3.4% sugar as well. It doesn’t sound particularly significant, but it’s the worst I’ve felt all week. And it’s the first time I have experienced cravings too – not at the BBQ where there was lots of other foods there, but when I got home. I dreamed of battered and fried chicken wings, eyed some bread rather temptingly, and felt my brain starting to make excuses about having a cheat day. It’s fascinating just how addictive and insidious sugar can be. I didn’t cave – managed to get to the supermarket and buy some steak before the cravings got too much. Feeling great now.

Meal One:
– 3 beef sausages (questionable content)
– 3 chicken sausages (questionable content)
– 1 beef pattie (maybe 100gm or less – very questionable content)
– 50g or so of pork rinds
– 100g or so of beef biltong stokkies

Meal Two:
– 2 porterhouse steaks
– 1 middle bacon rasher
– 2 eggs

To toilet stories to tell sorry. Feeling light and healthy. Massive crash around 17:00 / 17:30 today – probably later onset as I ate over a few hours at the BBQ. Toughest day yet, but held strong, and ready to smash week two.

Weight: 88.6kg