Had to tinker with my fasting schedule today, as I had to go to work. I was the celebrant for a four-person pandemic wedding at midday, which is a really strange, but beautifully sweet thing to be at. I made everyone bring their own pens for signing, and stayed a good couple of metres away at all times. Odd. Scoffed my first meal at 10:30, last one around 18:00. Energy levels were fine, headache manageable (strange how these things quickly become the new normal). It’s good to know that there is plenty of flexibility once you’re on a tight schedule.

Meal One:
– 1 t-bone steak
– 1 fried egg

Meal Two:
– 1 rump steak
– 2 fried eggs
– 1 middle bacon rasher


Weight: 86.7kg
Body Fat: 22.6%